Beck Wants to Kill All Entitlements

Glenn Beck's wicked awesome plan for saving the economy is to throw poor people and senior citizens over a ledge.

Prior to Social Security, more than half of all American seniors died in poverty. Also, if senior citizens think it's difficult to buy prescription drugs while caught in the donut hole, try buying prescription drugs, along with doctor visits, physical therapy, surgery, and emergency room visits without any Medicare at all.

Why? Because Glenn Beck cares about the common man.

By the way, he wants to replace the income tax with a flat tax and a value-added tax. Naturally, working and middle class Americans would bear a disproportionate amount of the burden of such a plan.

In other words, say there's a 20 percent flat tax on all income. You make $20,000 while Glenn Beck makes $20 million. Who can better afford to cover the 20 percent tax? You, paying $4000, leaving you with $16,000? Or Glenn Beck paying $4,000,000, leaving him with $16,000,000? Which net income is more viable given the cost of living -- $16K or $16M? The flat tax favors the rich. This is why we have progressive taxation.

But Glenn Beck is all about Glenn Beck. So this fits perfectly into his little scam. Convince easily influenced middle class Americans and seniors to screw themselves in lieu of supporting ideas that benefit Glenn Beck. This what grifting is all about.