Bedtime Story for Margaret Spellings #1

For the next several nights, I'm proud to present a special bedtime story for our brand new Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings. If you're reading this, Maggie, climb into your jammies and snuggle under the covers. Ready?

"Sisters" by Lynne Cheney. A steamy tale of nineteenth century lesbian desire and acceptance.

"Amy Travers? She's here?"

He nodded. "She's one of our high-school teachers now."

"Oh, yes, she and Helen were the most intimate friends," Anna May said. Her words made Sophie remember how attached Helen had been to Miss Travers even at Fort Martin. She had followed the young schoolteacher everywhere, spent every moment she could with her, composed long notes to her. "The two of them were so beautiful together, so pure, so loving."

Stop by tomorrow night for a "Bedtime Story for Margaret Spellings". Here's a preview of what's in store from "Sisters" by Lynne Cheney...

She was sitting with her legs bent back in inverted V's...