Bedtime Story for Margaret Spellings #2

Sisters, by Lynne CheneyIt's time for another bedtime story for our brand new Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings. Where did we leave off last night? Oh yeah.

"Sisters" by Lynne Cheney. A steamy tale of nineteenth century lesbian desire and acceptance.

She went on up the stairs to her room and took off her dripping clothes. Connie came in as she started undressing. "Go away, Connie, leave me alone." She took off her dress, her petticoat, her corset, her stockings. Even her lacy undershift and drawers were wet, clinging to her body before she stripped them off. Standing naked, she...

Stop by tomorrow night for more from "Sisters" by Lynne Cheney, when you might hear Connie say...

"Mmmm, soft. Soft and smooth."