Ben Carson Lunacy Drought Quenched With Call for Spying on Government

Written by SK Ashby

Our long national drought of Ben Carson's brand of lunacy has subsided.

Carson spoke to a crowd of Republican voters in Iowa this morning and called for spying on government employees to scare them into performing their jobs better. Or something.

The pediatric neurosurgeon-turned-candidate told a crowd of Iowa Republicans he is “thinking very seriously” about adding “a covert division of people who look like the people in this room, who monitor what government people do.

Carson suggested people would work harder if they suspected their coworkers of monitoring their work. “And we make it possible to fire government people!” he said to loud cheers.

Government employees, particularly agency heads, are actually replaced quite frequently.

Just recently the head of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was forced out of his office after it was revealed that the agency misses as many as 95 percent of (fake) bombs during passenger security screenings.

With that said, are you kidding me?

Even if we didn't have a long tradition of sacking government employees for incidents that probably weren't their fault, there would be no justification for creating a "covert division" of government accountability police that spies on fellow employees like an Undercover Boss.

And how are we going to pay for this force of professional tattletales? At a time when so-called fiscal conservatives do not even want to pay for the employees we have now, how will we pay for more?

Will the bureau of concern trolls uncover enough waste and abuse to recoup the cost of their own employment? I doubt it.