Benghazi Chairman: Clinton is Responsible for the Disastrous Public Interview

Written by SK Ashby

The 11-hour marathon public interview of Hillary Clinton was a disaster for the Benghazi Committee and the GOP and, based on my own observation and the observation of many others, it made the former secretary of state look presidential.

It was such a disaster for the Select Committee on Bullshit that Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) is ruling out public interviews altogether.

Gowdy told host Chuck Todd that Hillary Clinton requested the “voluntary interview” be public, which he noted was “well within her rights,” but added that there is never “any of what you saw Thursday” in closed-door hearings. “It is one hour on the Republican side, one hour on the Democrat side, which is why you’re going to see the next two dozen interviews done privately,” Gowdy said. “The private ones always produce better results.

It's true that Hillary Clinton insisted on testifying publicly, but others have also insisted on doing so only to be turned down by the Benghazi Committee. No one forced Chairman Gowdy and the committee to interview Clinton again (she already testified 2 years ago) and by the chairman's own admission they didn't uncover any new information during the 11-hour shitshow.

This was suppose to be the committee's big moment -- the moment they finally tripped Hillary Clinton up or caught her in a gotcha gaffe -- but they failed spectacularly. The only thing they accomplished is proving beyond a doubt that GOP Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy's only crime was telling the truth.

Chairman Gowdy says private interviews "produce better results," but it's not clear what those results are or if any "results" even exist. It's not even clear what he considers to be "results."

Judging based on the only results we've actually seen from the Benghazi Inquisition, the only positive result in the chairman's mind is a misleading soundbite he can leak to the media.

I don't want to give them too much credit or an overly generous benefit of the doubt, but the eager Benghazi Committee accomplices in the political press who bought every single line from the committee in the past may no longer be as willing to do so following the disastrous public interview of Hillary Clinton.

Gowdy's insistence that private interviews are far more civil indicates that the smarmy and smug members of the committee who mistakenly believed they were pulling a fast one on Clinton were merely acting for the cameras. But remember: there's nothing political about this.