Epic Fail

Beyond Parody

Representative Joe Walsh, who owes the mother of his children over $117,000 in child support payments, received a "pro-family" award yesterday from the Family Research Council.

The same Hegemony of White Men Family Research Council that lobbied the Republican presidential candidates to sign their pledge to, among other things, ban abortion and Sharia law.

The Family Research Council Action Committee has lauded freshman Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) for his “unwavering support of the family,” despite the fact that Walsh’s ex-wife claims he owes her more than $100,000 in child support payments.

The FRCA named Walsh a “True Blue” member of Congress, saying that his commitment to anti-abortion causes and his for voting record in support of, “faith, family and freedom,” were worthy of admiration.

Apparently the way you display your "unwavering support of the family" is by not supporting the family.

Because the best way to support families is by limiting access to birth control and abortion and thus increasing the number of children with single parents. Ya' know, like the mother of Joe Walsh's children.

Conservatism is a mental illness.