Biden Admin Makes It Easier to Obtain An Abortion

Written by SK Ashby

The Trump regime used the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to justify many regulatory rollbacks or crackdowns without substantiating the relevancy and that was also true of abortion.

While Republican-controlled states used the pandemic to temporarily ban abortion in many cases, the Trump regime limited access to abortion by making it more dangerous if not impossible to see a doctor in person during the pandemic with new restrictions on telemedicine.

The Biden administration is now rolling back Trump's restrictions on using telemedicine to dispense abortion medication.

Acting FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock informed the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in a letter Monday that her agency concluded that allowing patients to receive the pills via telemedicine and through the mail will not increase risks and will keep people safe from contracting the virus. [...]

ACOG's Chief Executive Officer Maureen G. Phipps said Monday the lifting of the restrictions means "those in need of an abortion or miscarriage management will be able to do so safety and effectively by acquiring mifepristone though the mail — just as they would any other medication with a similarly strong safety profile."

One of the primary takeaways of Trumpism and modern conservatism in general is that they won't let any tragedy go to waist. You can count on them cynically using every bad situation to their own advantage.

Republicans used the coronavirus pandemic to justify many things they would be unable to during normal times. Lawmakers in deep red Texas used the pandemic to temporarily ban almost all abortion procedures while Trump used the pandemic to halt legal immigration and refugee resettlement. And those are just two glaring examples among many others.

Even with the coronavirus pandemic fading in some areas, Republican-controlled state legislatures are working on new restrictions on using telemedicine to provide abortion services and the Biden administration's new rules will hopefully blunt their devilry.

Abortion is health care and miscarriages that require medical intervention are also far more common than most people discuss publicly. Someone you know has probably had a miscarriage if not more than one. Someone you know has also probably had an abortion.