Biden Administration

Biden Admin. Purges Trump Appointees

Written by SK Ashby

I found this report to be comforting and I'm sure you will too.

The Biden administration has been quick to make appointments throughout the government and several cabinet level positions have already been confirmed by the Senate, but there's also the matter of purging hundreds of holdovers from the Trump regime who do not even believe in the mission of the agencies they were assigned to.

You'll be to happy to learn that Trump's sleeper cells are being removed from their positions regardless of the potential legal consequences.

Some officials were fired outright. The Biden team told Victoria Coates, a former Trump national security official who was made the head of the government’s Middle East Broadcasting Networks in the last days of the administration, that it did not care that her contract called for her to serve at least two years and that she could not be removed unless she was convicted of a felony. Her email was cut off at the end of last week in what she called “a shocking repudiation of President Biden’s call for unity and reconciliation.”

In every department, there is already a Biden team on the ground, including those like the hollowed-out Housing and Urban Development, which was run for the past four years by a disengaged secretary, Ben Carson, and a group of ideologically oriented appointees.

In some corner of my mind I do wonder what the legal and labor law consequences of this could be, but those feint concerns are far outweighed by the comfort of seeing Trump's minions dismissed from their positions.

The Biden administration's various chiefs of staff clearly aren't taking any chances; they're not trying to unify with unreliable people who don't want to be unified.