National Security

Biden Admin Rescinds Orders Against TikTok, WeChat

Written by SK Ashby

President Biden signed an executive order earlier this month that effectively repealed Trump's order banning downloads of the TikTok social media application in the United States, but the Commerce Department has now followed through by rescinding a corresponding policy.

More specifically, the Commerce Department has repealed the Trump regime's policy banning financial transactions using TikTok or WeChat which are owned by the same Chinese company, Tecent.

From Reuters:

WASHINGTON, June 21 (Reuters) - The U.S Commerce Department said Monday it was rescinding a list of prohibited transactions with TikTok and WeChat that were issued in September as the Trump administration sought to block new U.S. downloads of both Chinese-owned apps. [...]

During Donald Trump's presidency, the Commerce Department had also sought to ban other transactions that would have effectively banned WeChat's use in the United States and later sought similar restrictions that would have barred TikTok's use.

Trump tried to ban these platforms in the name of "national security," but when Biden signed his executive order earlier this month he also ordered relevant agencies to investigate if any of them actually are a threat to national security.

We can infer that the administration has not found anything or doesn't expect they will. Realistically, ordering the review in the first place was probably a bit of rhetorical ass-covering to appease national security hawks who would be more critical of the Biden administration if they simply repealed Trump's policies without asking any questions.

Trump invoked "national security" to justify many of his unilateral, punitive, and ultimately political policies, but real threats to national security -- such as Russia's record-breaking SolarWinds hack -- were completely ignored by the Trump regime.

That's the man that most Republicans still want to put back in charge of defending the United States; a man who allows actual enemies to walk through the back door while trying to ban a social media app because some kids used it to disrupt one of his campaign rallies.