Biden Admin Reunites Kids Orphaned By Trump

Written by SK Ashby

The Trump regime permanently orphaned hundreds of immigrant children by separating them from their parents and guardians at the southern border and then deporting their parents and guardians without the children.

A federal court had ordered the regime to work with independent lawyers and legal advocates to reunite the families, but last summer we learned the regime was dragging their feet and that very few of the kids had been reunited.

The regime simply wasn't trying very hard if at all, but the Biden administration is doing what they can.

From NBC News:

WASHINGTON — The lawyers working to reunite immigrant parents and children separated by the Trump administration reported Wednesday that they have found the parents of 105 children in the past month.

The steering committee of pro-bono lawyers and advocates working on reunification said it had yet to find the parents of 506 children, down from 611 on Jan. 14, the last time it reported data to a federal judge overseeing the process.

The lawyers said the parents of about 322 of the 506 children are believed to have been deported, making it more difficult to find them.

I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone, but it appears the delay in reuniting these families was from a lack of interest from the previous administration. It wasn't because finding the parents is impossible.

With that said, the Justice Department says they expect to find most but not necessarily all of the families and that's not a surprise either. We deported them back to conditions they fled for their own safety, after all, and we don't know what happened to all of them after sending them back. It would be more surprising if we did find all of them.

I've seen some early criticism that the Biden administration is not reversing Trump-era immigration policies fast enough, but as far as I can tell they're doing the best they can within the confines of law and procedure. It doesn't help that courts in Texas are already blocking some of Biden's policies such as the temporary freeze on deportations.