Biden Admin to Roll Back Trump’s Racist Housing Policy

Written by SK Ashby

During the 2020 presidential campaign, you may recall that Trump centered racist housing policy in his campaign rhetoric. Trump said then-candidate Biden would appoint Senator Corey Booker to lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development and strongly implied that Booker would unleash hordes of black men on unsuspecting white women in suburban neighborhoods.

It was one of the most explicitly racist campaign pitches Trump ever made, but it didn't work. Corey Booker is a Vegan Mister Clean who is about as threatening as a soft pillow and suburbs are relatively diverse neighborhoods because it's the only place minorities can afford to live in this day and age.

But Trump's campaign rhetoric wasn't just rhetoric. His regime also rolled back fair housing policies against discrimination and the Biden administration is now bringing them back.

The Post flagged notices by the Office of Management and Budget indicating that the rules have been accepted for review, signaling an effort by the Biden administration reinstate a 2013 rule meant to stop lenders, landlords and insurers from discriminating and plans and to restore a 2015 rule requiring communities to identify and undo obstacles to racial integration or risk losing federal funds. [...]

During his bid for a second term last year, former President Trump had touted his administration’s efforts to tear down fair housing laws in a failed appeal to the “Suburban Housewives of America.”

Trump's rhetoric and his regime's policy was primarily aimed at black Americans, but housing discrimination is a concern for many other other people as well including myself. It has literally been less than a month since the last time I personally wondered if I would be turned down when looking for a new place to live just because I'm transgender.

But that's another topic for another day. Candidate Biden and President Biden made confronting racism a central theme of his rhetoric and he has followed through. He has appointed the most diverse cabinet we've ever seen and taken immediate action wherever possible.

It will take some time before new policies are firmly in place, but the administration must follow the law and complete the formal process of implementing new policies or else the first federal court they land in could repeal them. Rushing to impose new rules without completing the process was the Trump regime's kryptonite in court.

It's understandable if people are frustrated by how long it will take to erase Trump's devilry, but it's better to get it right the first time or it could take even longer.