Biden Administration

Biden Plans to Fumigate The White House

Written by SK Ashby

Joe Biden's administration will have to figuratively clean out the federal government when he takes offices, but they'll also have to literally clean it out.

The coronavirus has been circulating within the halls of the White House for months at this point and that means meticulously cleaning every surface and spraying every room.

Because the coronavirus can linger on surfaces for multiple days, a team deployed by the General Services Administration will go over every part of the White House's East and West Wings touched by human hands in the hours after Trump departs and Biden moves in, a spokesperson from the agency confirmed to POLITICO. That includes plans to "thoroughly clean and disinfect" all furniture, doorknobs, handrails and light switches, before Biden and his team move in. Additionally, a private contractor will provide "disinfectant misting services" to clear the air of lingering droplets.

There's a first for everything and I assume this is as well.

To my knowledge, no previous administration has been so hideously unclean and unsanitary that bringing in a team to literally spray every room was necessary. And previous administrations didn't face a pandemic, of course, but Trump intentionally allowed the virus into the White House and, to be blunt, people close to Trump strike me as unhygienic to begin with. The only exception may be Jared Kushner. I mean, Patrick Bateman was a serial killer, but he was also very clean.

Since burning it down and rebuilding isn't an option, I would spray down every room even if it were was no pandemic.