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Bill Nye Will Debate Dinosaur Jesus Museum Founder

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Via Talking Points Memo,

Bill Nye “The Science Guy” is scheduled to debate evolution and biblical creation next month with the founder of the Creation Museum in Kentucky.

Nye will square off against creationist Ken Ham on Feb. 4 at the Petersburg, Ky. museum’s Legacy Hall. The debate is titled: “Is creation a viable model of origins?”

In the latest issue of Answers magazine(“Building a Biblical Worldview”), Creation Museum founder Ken Ham’s kid-friendly windowless van of a periodical, writer Danny Faulkner– protected by a signed prenuptial agreement for Dinosaur Jesus and at least 10-20 security guards armed with .40 caliber Glocks– sums up what we can expect from the minds of home-schooled children of zealots everywhere:

The creation model suggests that the earth alone sustains life. Life does not arise naturally but exists only where God chose to create it.

Godspeed, Bill Nye. Godspeed.