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Bill O’Reilly: Rams Players Aren’t “Smart Enough” To Understand the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” Movement


Line up four white guys in a row. According to a poll I cited yesterday, one of those four white guys thinks he’s smarter than black people. Based on his genetic whiteness alone, he thinks he’s automatically smarter than the apparently less evolved black population. Around the time I graduated from high school in the late 1980s, roughly two of those four guys knew for a fact they were smarter than African-Americans so there’s some progress, but not nearly enough.

As I mentioned on the Stephanie Miller Show yesterday, the fact that it’s one-in-four white people indicates that African-Americans have a fairly strong chance of bumping into one of these people when they apply for a mortgage, when they fill out a lease application or when they’re being interviewed for a job.

We’ll never quite know for certain whether Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly is one of those people, but it wouldn’t be much of a shocker if he was, especially after what he said Monday night regarding the five football players from the St. Louis Rams (Stedman Bailey, Tavon Austin, Chris Givens, Kenny Britt and Jared Cook) who acted in solidarity with the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” movement, appearing on the field with their hands in the air.

Evidently, O’Reilly doesn’t think they’re smart enough to know exactly what they were protesting. Here it is verbatim:

Quite frankly, I don’t think they’re smart enough to know what they’re doing. I don’t. I absolutely don’t think they’re smart enough to know what they’re doing.

It’s possible that O’Reilly was merely making a “Dumb Jocks” crack, but considering that he himself was once a college football player (house league) while attending Marist College, it seems odd that he’d indict his own kind. Regardless of his intent, it absolutely sounded like he was suggesting that five African-Americans are too stupid to grasp what happened to Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

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