Bill O'Reilly Wants to Jail Welfare Video Guy

Good job, Alexandra Pelosi. By inadvertently feeding a right-wing racist stereotype that has little bearing in reality (black welfare recipients are lazy and only want handouts), you provided fuel for Bill O'Reilly and his wingnut panel to demand jail time for one of the black men in your Real Time video.

On Friday, Pelosi debuted her report on mostly black welfare recipients, many who appeared unwilling to work and relied on the government. The report appalled Bill O’Reilly, who told his panel tonight he would like to see at least one of the people in the report in jail. [...]

O’Reilly found the video “very troubling,” and said of one person interviewed in particular– who expressed no desire to work and admitted to having five children with four women– “I’d put that guy in jail.”

Great. That video was a disgrace, and we don't know if the guys in the Pelosi video actually received "checks".