Democratic Party

Bloggers Must Choose, Too

I was thinking... It's also time for the major bloggers to get behind one of the remaining candidates. I know the unspoken strategy has been to avoid pissing off a reader-base which may have taken many years to build, but this is only the future of the party we're talking about here.

Again, either candidate will make history, so the choice comes down to a new paradigm -- "change" -- versus more of the same DLC style leadership we've been discontented with for so many years. Honestly, this is Joe Lieberman versus Ned Lamont.

So it's time to pick a side here, bloggers. Start off with, "While I will support the eventual nominee..." or, "While I admire [or respect] both candidates..." And go from there. We'll all make nice after there's an official nominee. Until then, it's time to take a stand on this thing.