Blogging To Sniper Fire! Now! DUCK!

Earlier today, I went to Linens 'N Things to pick up a clothing rack for my son's room. I parked in the lot, got out of my Prius and - whammo - the sniper fire started. I had to put a bullet proof vest under my ass and run all the way to the entrance.

After I got the rack, I headed home. I took my kids over to the schoolyard to ride bikes. It was fun - until the sniper fire started. We put bullet proof vests on the seats of our bikes and rode like hell to get out of there.

Tonight, as I was rocking my two-year old before bed, our window was pierced by - yes, sniper fire. I threw a bullet proof vest at the window and crawled over to the crib, where I put him down to sleep to the sounds of sniper fire.

All of the above is true. Except the sniper fire parts.

See, without the addition of the sniper fire, my day sounds kind of dull. Maybe a little sweet - I spend a lot of time with my kids - but nothing to really get excited about. Nothing that screams "experience"! Oh, sure, I have parenting experience. But not dangerous, send in the first lady, dodging sniper fire with Sinbad experience.

That's okay with me. I don't think dodging sniper fire would make me a great parent any more than dodging sniper fire would make Hillary Clinton - or anyone - a great president. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton thinks avoiding sniper fire is such an asset to her potential presidency that she's willing to lie about it.

I do think lying and then lying about the lying are qualities I really really don't want in a president again.