Environment Ethics

Bob Murray’s Bullshit Lawsuit Against Non-Existent EPA Policy Thrown Out

Everyone saw this coming, but it still makes me laugh.

Murray Energy CEO and documented piece of shit Bob Murray led the charge against a set of regulations proposed by the Obama administration and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), but there was a glaring problem with the lawsuit filed by Murray's Coalition of the Willing.

“They want us to do something that they candidly acknowledge we have never done before: review the legality of a proposed rule,” Judge Brett Kavanaugh wrote in the opinion on behalf of himself and Judge Thomas Griffith, both appointed by Republican presidents.

“But a proposed rule is just a proposal,” he continued.

“In justiciable cases, this Court has authority to review the legality of final agency rules. We do not have authority to review proposed agency rules.”

That's right; Murray and his industry groupies filed a lawsuit against a proposal that hasn't been implemented yet.

Actually, it hasn't even been finalized or approved by the White House yet.

In case you've forgotten, this is the same Bob Murray who forced his miners to appear in a campaign ad for Mitt Romney and then fired them after President Obama was reelected; because "the takers outvoted the producers."


Murray has also cited the existence of a "war on coal" to justify his more recent behavior, firing over 200 workers in the Spring while blaming the Obama administration. But as the court so helpfully points out, the "war on coal" is still just a proposal that couldn't possibly be responsible for the loss of jobs because it isn't law yet.

The so-called "war on coal" can't become a reality soon enough for me because Murray and his fellow robber barons deserve everything that's coming to them.

When they are finally implemented Murray and his cohorts will say the regulations are to blame when they lay off more employees, but they're doing that already and, at least in Bob Murray's case, they're doing it for virtually no reason aside from their own whims and political delusions.