Bobby Jindal Keeps Talking


I don’t know what the end-game is for Bobby Jindal’s intense display of hysteria. I don’t believe he’s running for president, so what’s his game? Why is he on this campaign?

It’s well established that there is no such thing as “no-go zones” where Sharia Law has been implemented and Muslims have full control. The mayor of Paris has even declared her intention to sue Fox News for spreading the idea, but Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal continues to talk about a thing that doesn’t exist.

During an appearance on Fox News yesterday, Jindal warned host Neil Cavuto that no-go zones may arrive in the United States soon if we don’t take some kind of action to prevent it. And that’s not all.

If we don’t, we’re gonna see a replica of what’s happening in Europe in America,” Jindal continued. “We’re gonna see our own no-go zones if we’re not serious about insisting on assimilation and integration.” […]

“We need to stop calling ourselves African Americans, Indian Americans,” Jindal said, “My parents came here over 40 years ago…. If they wanted us to be Indians, they would’ve stayed in India.”

It’s not clear how a replica of something that doesn’t exist will find it’s way here, but Jindal seems to believe it will.

And why is Bobby Jindal such a true believer?

A little bird told him it was true.

CAVUTO: Did you know that the term “no-go zones” was wrong? I mean we reported the same and we were wrong. We botched it, we apologized for it, you are not, I take it.

JINDAL: Not at all. I think what you apologized for, what your network apologized for, is calling an entire city a “no-go zone.” That’s not true, but there absolutely are neighborhoods and the same day I made those remarks there was a police chief in London who said this in the Daily Mail. There absolutely are neighborhoods where the police are less likely to go in. There are neighborhoods in the U.K. and in France that have been documented, very well documented, by Ambassador Bolton and others where there are attempts to impose Sharia Law.

Well, if John Bolton says it’s true, then it must be.

As Media Matters points out, former Ambassador John Bolton is a foreign policy adviser for Bobby Jindal. He’s also the chairman of a conservative think-tank that specializes in this kind of false information.

With all of that said, I take an issue with Jindal’s assertion that people must stop identifying as African Americans, or Indian Americans, or any other ethnic subgroup of Americans. Being a person of color or a member of an ethnic subgroup does not make you any less of an American as your average white guy born in Kansas. And calling on people to stop identifying with their family roots is essentially a call to abandon their culture.

Anyone who calls America their home, sends their children to American schools, pays their taxes or votes in elections is integrated. It need not go any further than that.