Bobby Jindal Will Fight Non-Existent “No-Go Zones” With Prayer

Bobby Jindal is very concerned

Long after Fox News apologized for and retracted their “no-go zones” story, Bobby Jindal continues to talk about the non-existent zones.

Bobby Jindal spoke to Hate Radio host Steve Deace and said the prayer rally he’s holding this weekend is key to turning the tide against Muslim encroachment.

via RightWingWatch

JINDAL: “Folks, if we don’t get serious, that’s what is going to be in our future. One of the reasons we’re doing something called The Response this Saturday at LSU where we are calling Christians together in prayer, just to pray to turn back to God for a spiritual revival in our country. When you talk in those terms, the media, the academic left, they go apoplectic. Just like they will call you a racist for calling out radical Islam, they will attack you for talking about a spiritual revival. That is what our country needs.”

After his appearance on Fox News yesterday I asked what Jindal’s end-game is and now I can see it starting to take shape.

Whether he really believes it or not, Jindal will use the idea that there are Muslim “no-go zones” popping up all over the world to cultivate his own televangelical celebrity status.

“No-go zones” are a gravy train and a book deal must be right around the corner.