Abortion Ethics

Bobby Jindal Would Commit an Impeachable Offense on Day One

Written by SK Ashby

Many insane things were said during the two Republican presidential primary debates held yesterday, but Bobby Jindal has the distinction of committing himself to taking impeachable actions on day one of his presidency; actions that Republicans in Congress have spent years accusing the Obama administration of taking.

When Jindal was asked about Planned Parenthood, the Louisiana governor said he would order the Department of Justice and IRS to target the organization.

"Planned Parenthood had better hope that Hillary Clinton wins this election," Jindal said, "because I guarantee you that under President Jindal, January 2017, the Department of Justice and the IRS and everybody else that we can send from the federal government will be going into Planned Parenthood."

My initial reaction was to ask if Jindal is aware that congressional Republicans have made careers out of (wrongfully) accusing the Obama administration of wielding the power of federal agencies against political opponents but, if we're being real, Republicans wouldn't care if that power was used against their opponents.

Jindal reportedly went even further today at the annual Red State Gathering.

Virtually everything the Obama administration has been accused of over the past several years Bobby Jindal would commit to doing on day one.

There's no doubt in my mind that the politicizing of U.S. attorneys under the George W. Bush administration would pale in comparison to the unethical devilry a future Republican administration would commit to.