'Both Sides Meme' in the Super Committee

Paul Krugman predicted that "both sides" would be blamed if the Super Committee failed to come up with a deal.

He was right.

Yep, the Democrats on the committee are being targeted with equal blame as the Republicans even though the Republicans refused to allow equal parts tax increases and spending cuts -- this, of course, would be a fair deal. Instead, the Republicans insisted on a hugely lopsided deal with spending cuts far outweighing tax hikes.


According to the supercommittee’s Democrats, the Republicans just offered a deal that paired $542.7 billion in spending cuts with $3 billion in tax increases. So the ratio of spending cuts to tax increases is approximately 180:1, and 214:1 if you count interest savings.

So when the Democrats rightfully resist being bullied around with an incredibly unfair deal, they're blamed as much as the Republicans.

Your liberal media at work. Blame the Democrats for not allowing themselves (and the American people) to be bulldozed by the Republicans.