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The Media Is Ignoring The Clintons. Duh-what?!

Right-wing tool/hack Brent Bozell was on Scarborough this morning promoting his new anti-Clinton book Whitewash. He claimed that the traditional media isn't following up on the "Clinton scandals".

Are you fucking kidding me? Two things here. First, the media was all over the Clintons for 8+ years. Second, the traditional media includes one of the biggest, most powerful right-wing media conglomerates since Hearst. NewsCorp. If they're not investigating the First Lady's murder of Vince Foster, it's because... the First Lady didn't murder Vince Foster and everyone who tried to make this case are now eating their apple sauce with corks on their forks!

But you know, this is one of my hesitations about supporting Senator Clinton. All this ridiculous bullshit from the '90s will be dusted off and repackaged for the new millennium. After eight years of George W. Bush, America deserves real change.