Bring Your Guns

Bring your guns, but don't bring your cameras to the Wisconsin state capital.

A new plan crafted by Gov. Scott Walker (R) would allow guns in most of Wisconsin’s state Capitol, while most photos would still be banned.

Under the new policy, the public would be allowed to carry concealed weapons in the Assembly viewing galleries, but existing rules barring the use of still and videos camera would not be changed, according to The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Lawmakers could decide if guns are allowed in their individual offices.

The decision to disallow filming while allowing concealed firearms is obviously not a decision made in the interests of security. At least, not physical security.

Political security is another matter.

After all, if people are allowed to capture video of the assembly, the voters might see something they don't like. Where as if someone decides to shoot a member of the assembly, well, hopefully that assemblyman or woman was a godless liberal anyway.

What could go wrong?