Broken Wall

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Nick Anderson)

In other news, over 200 investors who manage $15 trillion in assets have signed a letter to the Trump regime and other G7 governments urging them to take action against climate change because it's a danger to the economy.

Meanwhile, the FBI investigation of Jane Sanders is reportedly focused on the possibility that she committed bank fraud by falsifying loan documents.

She claimed [Burlington College] could count on $2.6 million in donations to pay for the purchased land, according to a 2010 loan application. But she ultimately raised only a fourth of that, making $676,000 in donations over the next four years, putting the college into bankruptcy in May 2016.

Finally, Senate Republicans want to roll back methane regulations, but they haven't done so yet because Midwestern Republicans won't vote for it unless they also receive special treatment for the ethanol industry. Neither side gives a fuck about the environment.

I can't wait to see this. The cinematography looks amazing.

  • I’ve been waiting about 25 years for another Blade Runner. #nerdcred

  • mnpollio

    Fat chance that this regime will do anything with climate change.

    And really? Is this blog still on the let’s insult Bernie Sanders dead horse that it has now got to jump in to try to smear his wife? I mean, if I wasn’t supposed to take the FBI investigations into Hillary’s e-mails seriously according to this site, why should I now be shocked and swayed by their investigating Jane Sanders? How many pointless investigations have there been into Mrs. Clinton over the last few decades by the powers that be that turned out to be nothing but smear campaigns? And truthfully, even if Mrs. Sanders turns out to be Ma Barker, unless her husband was involved, it ultimately means nothing more than those who were trying to tar Hillary by citing her husband’s issues. If it was not fair to do that in Hillary’s case according to this blog, then it hardly seems fair to do the same here.

    I think at this point we would be much better off accepting that Sanders is doing his part, Clinton is doing her part, Warren is doing her part, and trying to help them get the party moving in the most advantageous direction against this nightmare administration rather than having progressives and establishment Dems eternally undermining each other. Let’s put a period at the end of this and move on against the common enemy.

    • JMAshby

      I shared a news report with no additional commentary or opinion added. I think you protest a little too much. I mean, that strawman can be seen from space.

      If she’s cleared or charged with a crime, I’ll share that too.

  • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

    The cinematography looks amazing.

    Oh yes.

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