Sarah Palin

Bull Ship

Sarah Palin believes that America is exceptional. After all, last week she said the Statute of Liberty [sic] was given to America because France didn't want us to be like France -- they wanted us to be exceptional.

So here's Sarah Palin on Fox News Sunday comparing America to the Titantic:

“It’s very noble of President Obama to want to stay at the helm and maybe go down with this sinking ship,” she said. “I prefer and many Americans prefer that we start plugging the hole, that we start powering up the bilge pump, and start getting rid of this unsustainable debt that is sinking our ship.

“We don’t have to go the way of the Titanic,” Palin added. “There are things that have to be put in place before the ship sinks. We don’t have to keep going down the road that we are going on today.”

Exceptionalism! With Boat Metaphors!

By the way, it was a Republican president and a Republican Congress that turned a $5 trillion debt into a $10 trillion debt.