Batshittery Domestic Terrorism

Bundy Militia Leader Says He’s an Authentic Idiot Who’s Immune to Law

Written by SK Ashby

You read that right.

Even as far as the batshittery of the Sovereign Citizen ideology (to the extent that they even have ideas) is concerned, this is extraordinary. Ryan Bundy, brother of Ammon and son of Cliven, has stated to the court that his idiocy places him outside the jurisdiction of the law.

“I, ryan c, man, am an idiot of the ‘Legal Society’; and; am an idiot (layman, outsider) of the ‘Bar Association’; and; i am incompetent; and; am not required by any law to be competent,” Bundy wrote in a motion filed to U.S. District Court Judge Anna Brown. [...]

Bundy also told the court in the filings that any past signatures by him are now invalid and that U.S. marshals and other law enforcement are illegally holding him in jail. He wrote that he should be paid $1 million to fill the “role” of defendant in the case.

Maybe we're looking at this all wrong. Maybe he's simply making the case that he should be committed.

In either case, I'm sure no one doubts his idiocy.