Asian Tsunami George W. Bush

Bush: $15 million to tsunami relief

I'm not inclined to politicize such a large scale disaster, but an initial U.S. pledge of $15 million for disaster relief (link) for the Indian Ocean nations seems remarkably weak, no? With so much money being pumped into a war machine in that region and elsewhere, wouldn't it make sense for the U.S. government to show the world how truly generous we can be with a massive humanitarian campaign?

Imagine George W. Bush appearing in prime time speaking about an aggressive and unprecedented U.S. effort to rebuild and rescue; sending a message around the globe that America is as generous with bread and shelter as we are with 'Daisy Cutter' bombs and 'Dead or Alive' rhetoric.

But Mr. Bush... is on vacation.

Instead, we give you, the people of Sri Lanka, Colin Powell and $15 million.