Social Security

Bush failing on Social Security

The C student is doing worse than usual with his Social Security nonsense. He's lying and obfuscating as well as he usually does, but this time, people aren't buying it. Or, I should say, more people aren't buying it than are. Here's the latest on an ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Barely a third of the public approves of the way President Bush is dealing with Social Security and a majority says the more they hear about Bush's plan to reform the giant retirement system, the less they like it.

The same poll found that Bush's approval rating remains at the staggering low 50 percent, and that his disapproval rating is at 48.

How did this guy get reelected? Oh, yeah, I forgot: Diebold and ES&S -- I mean Ohio and Florida -- selected him. Did you know that Bob Urosevich is the President of Diebold, and his brother Ted is the Vice President of ES&S? Did you know that these two companies, essentially run by the same family, counted 80 percent of votes in the 2004 election. EIGHTY PERCENT.

Thomas Jefferson would die of shame.

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