Far-right Intellectual Violence

Cable News Hackery

I didn't see much of the morning cable news shows, but apparently there was a higher than usual concentration of hackery and intellectual violence. From Leigh in the comments:

...over at CNN this morning, they replayed a "report" that Ed Henry taped in Hawaii sometime yesterday where he speculated that "no matter what the current situation is in the Middle East, it's not keeping PE Obama off the golf course."

And even earlier this morning on CNN's Headline News some dimwit Republican radio talker/strategist said that Obama ‘has only issued one statement regarding the Middle East...and that made said talker/strategist "really hope that Obama's being briefed or is in touch with SOME one about the situation over there."

(Also, on another morning show some woman said that Obama's usual refrain of there only being one president at a time isn't enough anymore b/c we could use as many presidents as possible. WTF?)

I guess it’s safe to assume that the media is going to begin “suggesting” that Obama is a lazy, black man who shouldn't be on vacation in Hawaii while the Middle East is exploding. Why isn’t Obama fixing this yet? Do these people not realize that Bush is still president?

The Republicans and cable news people need to be reminded of this, which occurred during the darkest days of the Iraq occupation.

As for the "lazy and shiftless" racial stereotype, this is clearly going to be an avenue of attack for cable news and the Republicans despite President Bush's record number of vacation days. When the president-elect breaks that record, I'll be right there losing my shpadoinkle. But it's not gonna happen. Not by half.

But what do they want the president-elect to do? Stage a coup and forcably occupy the situation room?