Call of Duty Candidate Denied an NRA Endorsment

If firing a mini-gun and exploding things on camera isn't enough to win the endorsement of the National Rifle Associate (NRA), what is?

In a surprise twist, the NRA has chosen to endorse Democratic nominee Chris Koster over GOP gubernatorial nominee Eric Greitens (pictured above)

The influential gun-rights group endorsed Koster just a few weeks after he became the first Democrat running for statewide office to ever win the endorsement of the Missouri Farm Bureau.

Koster, who until 2007 was a Republican, was endorsed by the NRA because his “long-standing support for Second Amendment-related issues and NRA members goes back over 17 years,” the group said.

As a fellow Democrat it makes me uncomfortable to see the NRA endorse the Democratic party's nominee, but a pro-gun Democrat is still a better choice than raving yokel and Caddyshack groundskeeper Eric Greitens.

Ideally there would be other choices, but this is where the politics of Missouri have led and it may be the only way to retain control of the governor's mansion. Not every state in the union has progressed as much as we would like.

Eric Greitens is under attack from Obama's Democrat Machine. They're trying to steal another Missouri election, but Eric Greitens is a conservative warrior and when he fights back he brings out the big guns.

Is the NRA trying to "steal another Missouri election?"

That's awkward.