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Cap'n Falafel Fights Obama Staffer


Here's what O'Reilly did today: He deliberately instigated a fight for the sole purpose of turning it around and making himself out to be the victim for fun and ratings...just like every episode of his primetime professional wrestling show.

He knew that by showing up at a Democratic rally that he'd become the story. To wit: is anyone reporting what Senator Obama said at the Nashua rally? You can also count on O'Reilly spinning this to seem like the Democrats at the rally (and especially Marvin Nicholson) are "hateful" or "hateful pinheads" and that he himself was just playing the role of the harmless American looking for answers.

By the way, I'm all for revealing this talking turd for what and who he is (a lying, McCarthy-ish ratings whore) but at some point we're going to have to banish him into the Ann Coulter phantom zone and stop paying attention to his pathetic, desperate cries for help.

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