Caucus Blockus Liveblogging


Per CNN, including super delegates:(2,025 needed to win)

Clinton: 1,099
Obama: 1,039

This is amazing, since it includes the ridiculous practice of including super delegates, who can change their allegiances at any time. So despite Hillary's huge super delegate lead -- 223 to 131, Obama continues to creep ever closer to the frontrunner

Obama trouncing Clinton in Nebraska: 68%-32%. The same in Washington: 68%-31%.

Senator Obama about to speak at the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in my home state of Virginia.

I've seen Huckabee on TV a couple of times today and I have to say it again... He's such a pleasure to listen to: funny, thoughtful, engaging. It's just a shame that he's crazy. Again, he's Santorum with jokes. I will call him Hucktorum.

MSNBC projects Obama wins Louisiana. And that's the sweep for the day. Chuck Todd says that Obama now leads in pledged delegates: 970-900.

Chuck Todd is on MSNBC telling Noron about superdelegates and you can literally see her brain about to fall out of her ear.

Huckabee is leading McCain in Louisiana, for what it's worth.

MSNBC says their exit polls indicate that Obama wins Louisiana by a "wide margin". But no calls made yet.
Barack Obama 3,646 44%
Hillary Clinton 3,298 40%
(Washington Post with 1% reporting)

Louisiana Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu and his excellent hairplugs are talking on MSNBC. He says he's remaining neutral on the election, but his hairplugs are rooting for Ron Paul.

According to the Washington Post with 1% reporting:
Hillary Clinton 2,328 42%
Barack Obama 2,153 38%

CNN's John King presenting a really shocking satellite view of the lower 9th in New Orleans. No residents. Still devastated. It looks flattened.

This from Obama blogger Sam Graham-Felsen:

The Obama campaign submitted an urgent request for assistance to the Secretary of State's Division of Elections today, after receiving widespread reports from Democrats across Louisiana who reported that they were not allowed to vote because their party affiliation had been switched.

CNN Louisiana exit poll -- they're not prepared to make a projection. Also, for what it's worth, SUSA predicted for Washington: Obama 50%, Clinton 45%. If it's a blowout in a predominantly white state... it's a bad loss for Senator Clinton.

CNN's Bestest Team Zissou Killers Of Amazing Politics Of All Time is projecting that Senator Obama has won Washington. 67%-32%

Senator Obama is leading in Washington. 8,000-4,000 votes so far. Also, Senator Clinton is demanding that David Shuster be fired outright. Please read Jane Hamsher's blog today, senator. And that's all I have to say about that.

Just got back from dinner and Obama wins Nebraska in a landslide so far. 69%-31% according to CNN. He wins because... of the huge college-educated-elitist and black populations there?

Avert your eyes from MSNBC. David Brooks is on. On CNN, Dobbs is bashing the two-party system. This makes people cheer, but of course we need the two-party system. With more than two major parties, no-one would achieve a statistical mandate to lead. We'd end up living under a government impossibly deadlocked (if two parties can't get anything done, imagine 10 parties) and a president who might receive, at most, 20 percent of the vote. Speaking of elections, there are a few happening today. But you'd never know it from the very serious cable news people.

So wow. The coverage is really lame. On CNN we have Lou Dobbs about to begin a prearranged immigration thing. On MSNBC, we have a rerun of Tim Russert's roundtable of white guys. Is there an election on?

Senator Clinton on CNN now talking about how "soaring speeches" are fine, but when the lights go down we'll need her to do actual stuff. Alright. You know, I wasn't going to bust on the Clintons today, but come on. We have a president right now who can barely order his breakfast without nicknaming the waffles. We also have a vice president who comfortably operates in the darkened, murky corners of the government. I can't imagine why Senator Obama's ability to inspire people with his words is something to be diminished or downplayed. Surely there are other things she can use against him. America obviously thirsts to be inspired, senator.

Nothing much happening at the moment. CNN's "Ballot Bowl" is talking to John McCain on an airplane -- McCain is ostensibly powering the vehicle's jets with his energy and dynamism. Also, I've been meaning to post a separate item on this but... Bill Maher's panel last night was terrible. Jonah Doughy Pantload, Matt Dowd and a stunned-looking Bob Costas. It should've just been Bill Maher and PJ O'Rourke for the hour. O'Rourke is a Republican, but he's one of the rare "funny and talented" ones.

Have you noticed this? The Very Serious Traditional Media narrative for the Democrats is now: Senator Obama is the candidate of the educated smart people, and Senator Clinton is the blue-collar fighter. They've clearly drained their race/gender narrative and have moved on to something almost as ridiculous.

Senator Obama delivering his stump speech on CNN. It's more casual and specific on policy than his famous victory speeches. Obama joking about the distant-relative-of-Cheney-thing: "You know when they do these geneological surveys, you're hoping to be related to somebody cool."

Also, the cable networks are noticeably lazy about today's contests which is weird. MSNBC is starting Norah tonight, rather than the usual team. Not sure if CNN is going to employ their Ultimate Fighting Political Pundits Are The Greatest Of All Time Team 2008 Hell Yeah.

I'll start a post here and just it ride. Chucklebee has won the Kansas caucus by what appears to be a huge margin.