CBO Endorses the American Jobs Act

Brian Beutler reports that the CBO has essentially endorsed the American Jobs Act:

"If policymakers want to achieve both a short-term economic boost and long-term fiscal sustainability the combination of policies that would be most effective according to our analysis would be changes in taxes and spending that would widen the deficit today, but narrow it in the coming decade," Elmendorf told the panel's 12 Democrats and Republicans. "The combination of fiscal policies that would be most effective would be policies that cut taxes or increase spending in the near-term, but over the medium and longer-term move in the opposite direction."

This is a generalized version of precisely what President Obama is proposing -- a $447 billion jobs bill that will increase spending on hiring programs, and reduce payroll taxes; accompanied by deficit reduction measures that take effect in 2013, to more than cover the cost of the jobs bill.

And a myriad of other economists and experts have also applauded the president's jobs plan.

Of course this is meaningless to the Republicans because everyone is engaged in a liberal conspiracy against them, including co-conspirators Math, Rationality, Logic and Common Sense.