CBO: Obamacare is Doing Better Than Expected

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Just in time for the GOP's unveiling of Ryancare, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reports that Obamacare will cost the federal government significantly less money than estimated.

The Congressional Budget Office said Friday that its projections for the federal government's spending on the Affordable Care Act's coverage provisions in 2019 are now a third lower than what they were when the law was passed in 2010.

CBO Director Keith Hall said in written responses to questions posed by the House Budget Committee that the CBO expects the federal government to spend $148 billion in 2019 on the law's coverage provisions, down from the $214 billion estimated when the law was passed.

The CBO hasn't even scored Ryancare yet, so we don't know what it will cost or how many people it will throw in the street.

That's not a coincidence. Paul Ryan intentionally released his bill without a score and he wants to pass it before the CBO can score it.

  • Badgerite

    Please don’t ever tell me this guy has principles. He is proposing to run up a tab on the US taxpayer dime just to deprive people of healthcare because somewhere in his twisted, perverted cesspool of an ideology, he thinks that they and their children don’t deserve healthcare or that somehow it is good for them not to have healthcare. Given that the result of not having access to healthcare is chronic illness or death, how is that morally defensible. How is that “keeping us safe”? How is that “a better way”?

  • Aynwrong

    When Trump’s economically anxious and not at all racist voters lose their coverage and become sick or even die as a result all I will have to say to them is:

    “Congratulations. You’re death panels have arrived.”

    • Scopedog

      I have something shorter and better: “You just fucked yourselves. Happy?”