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CBS, the new FOX!


The fallout continues from the over-hyped "memogate": CBS is bending over so far backwards it is biting its own ass. They are alone in the 3 networks in propping up the Bush-Social-Security lie by using the "personal accounts" lingo that the White House said "polled better." Media Matters has the full-story here, but here's a good excerpt:

On February 2, all three network morning shows reported on Social Security as an issue President Bush will likely target in his State of the Union address, but only CBS adopted the misleading White House-approved term "personal accounts" to describe the administration's plan to partially privatize Social Security. While NBC News' Norah O'Donnell discussed "private retirement accounts" on Today and ABC News' Terry Moran referred to "private accounts" on Good Morning America, CBS News' Bill Plante used "personal accounts" twice as a graphic reading "personal accounts" appeared on the screen.

Our own Jim Biederman saw this all coming last month. Read Jim's post here.