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Change of Plans?

I wouldn’t normally have any reason to make a post concerning Lebron James or professional basketball, but this is too amusing to pass up.

As you might have heard, Lebron James is leaving the Miami Heat and returning home to the Cleveland Cavaliers, but what you might not know is this could complicate the Republican party’s 2016 convention plans.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Balloon drops might be competing with basketballs in Cleveland.

NBA superstar LeBron James’ announcement Friday that he was returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA could throw up a roadblock for Republican plans to nominate their presidential contender in 2016 on Lake Erie’s shores. If James leads his team into post-season play in 2016, Republicans could find their preferred June 28 start date for the convention impossible.

If the Cavaliers make it to the playoffs with Lebron, which they almost certainly will, Reince Priebus may have to change his plans and find another arena to hold their convention.

The most astonishing thing to me is the RNC’s plan to hold their convention in June.

June! That’s 5 months ahead of the election and at least 2 or 3 months ahead of the Democratic convention. By the time a convention could actually matter, it will be old news. The Republicans won’t see a post-convention bump in their polling leading up to the election because the convention was held almost half a year before the election.

The RNC apparently has a backup date of July 18th, but even that is very early in the year.