Election 2012

Chart of the Day

via TPM

As you can see, Romney is the clear anomaly by a long shot, raising nearly 90 percent of his total haul from larger contributions. By contrast, only around 40% of Obama’s donations are from individuals who have given more than $200 total and his smaller contributors alone raised more money in total than Romney’s entire fundraising operation. For the rest of the Republican field, the ratio is somewhere closer to 50-50 — take a look at the total small donor cash for Gingrich and Paul, for example, and you see that their huge disadvantage versus Romney is almost entirely due to the frontrunner’s bigger contributors.

“What it shows is that [Romney] does not have a broad base of support among small donors, who are motivated to give small amounts to the campaign,” campaign finance expert and UC-Irvine professor Richard Hasen told TPM.

It seems fairly clear to me that Mitt Romney is the 1-percent's candidate, Paul, Gingrich, and Santorum are the Lunatic Base's candidates, and President Obama is America's candidate.

The contrast really couldn't be any more stark.

Comparing the amount of money Romney has taken in versus the other GOP candidates makes his flailing campaign look even worse given that he is struggling to win against Rick freaking Santorum.