Chart of the Day

Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS PAC launched a massive ad buy today that claims former President George Bush, not President Obama, deserves credit for the current state of domestic energy production.

I have serious doubts that dredging up Bush is a good idea, even if your motive is to smear the president, but the larger problem with this accusation is that it simply isn't true.

(chart via TPM)

There are a number of ways you could criticize the president over the current domestic energy boom, all of which will almost assuredly come from voices on the Left, but attributing the current success of the market to the policies of George Bush is nonsensical. And I'm not convinced doing so won't harm the GOP.

The 30 percent of the population who still believe Bush was a great president isn't going to vote for President Obama anyway, and using Bush as an avenue of attack may just turn off a few undecideds.