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Chris Christie Fantasizes About Being the Nominee, Spanking Hillary Clinton

Written by SK Ashby

New Jersey governor, Republican presidential candidate and Disgusting Pig Vomit Chris Christie (R) told a group of supporters in New Hampshire that he would spank rather than prosecute Hillary Clinton. You know, out of the goodness of his heart. If he has one.

At a New Hampshire campaign event, Chris Christie said that in a debate with Hillary Clinton, he would "beat her rear end on that stage."

“You know what? After I do she’ll be relieved because she’ll just be worried I was going to serve her with a subpoena," Christie said, according to ABC News.

The crowd at the event chuckled lightly.

Ha! Get it? Because she's guilty of something or another and she's a woman and assault is very funny. There's nothing funnier than prescribing corporal punishment in lieu of a political-motivated prosecution.

This is really is quite the fantasy Chris Christie has because he will not be the Republican nominee for president and will never debate Hillary Clinton.

Christie and his colleagues would never say they're going to beat the "rear end" of another man.