Lying Liars

Chris Christie is a Lying Liar

Written by SK Ashby

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was not the only GOP presidential candidate to invoke 9/11 yesterday, but he told the tallest tale about it.

Christie twice repeated the claim that he was nominated to serve as a U.S. attorney on the day before 9/11, but he actually wasn't nominated until several months later.

Reports from the time suggest that Christie’s nomination to the vacant U.S. Attorney slot in New Jersey was widely anticipated prior to the attacks. But Bush didn’t actually nominate him until December 7 of that year, and he did not assume office until early 2002. The “Meet Chris” section on Christie’s campaign website says that he “served as U.S. Attorney from 2002-2008.”

Christie, in a very Giuliani-esque performance, had very little to say last night aside from plugging his experience as a U.S attorney following 9/11. He even invoked his interactions with the families of 9/11 victims more than once.

Nothing else he had to say was remarkable.