Chris Christie Is Still A Jerk

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie raged out on a constituent again today who was objecting to his plan to merge Rutgers and Rowan University. Christie called the man an idiot as police escorted him from the premises, and again after the man was gone. Very brave!

William Brown, a second-year Rutgers’ law student, was persistent in his questioning about a planned merger between Rutgers and Rowan University. Christie supports the merger.

Christie told Brown that if he interrupts as a lawyer in court, “your rear end’s going to end up thrown in jail, idiot.”

The governor called Brown an “idiot” again to the crowd after Brown left and said, “Damn, man, I’m governor! Could you just shut up for a second?”

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William Brown is a veteran and former Navy SEAL. You know, some big idiot, according to Chris Christie who wouldn't be re-elected if the election were held tomorrow. Who recently vetoed marriage equality.

This kind of behavior is a disqualifier for being selected as vice president. This is all on video. Does the Romney campaign want to see ads playing in October featuring Chris Christie raging out and telling people to shut up?