Chris Christie

Chris Christie Really Wants Out of New Jersey

Written by SK Ashby

It's been a rough year for Governor Reek. Christie fetched McDonald's for Master Trump but was denied a seat on the presidential ticket. Christie was also kicked off the presidential transition team and is currently out of the running for a cabinet position.

With his options for leaving New Jersey dwindling, Christie is now considering making a play for the RNC chairmanship.

Christie told senior members of Donald Trump's presidential transition team on Thursday morning that he is interested in the post, according to three sources familiar with the talks.

The governor has been a longtime supporter of Trump, but has had a rocky relationship with his transition team as of late. [...] Some Trump aides believe Christie did a poor job overseeing the process; others said he clashed with Jared Kushner, Trump’s influential son-in-law.

If the long-standing rumors are true that Jared Kushner has led the opposition against Christie (because Christie prosecuted his father as a U.S. attorney), I'd say his chances of becoming the next chairman of the RNC are not great.

But why would Christie be so eager to leave New Jersey?

Christie's approval ratings in his home state are hovering just above the 20 percent mark and Jersey is facing a looming fiscal crisis that Christie is primarily responsible for creating. Christie has one year left in his second term as governor, but Democrats control both state houses and they have little reason to play ball with him.

Whoever becomes the next governor of New Jersey will have an enormous mess to clean up. Such is the life of every Democratic head of state who takes over from a Republican.