Chris Christie Vetoes a $15 Minimum Wage Bill

SK Ashby
Written by SK Ashby

New Jersey Governor and relentless asshole Chris Christie has vetoed legislation that would have gradually increased the state's minimum wage to $15 over the next five years.

Christie framed his veto of the legislation, which would have lifted nearly a million people out of poverty, by playing concern troll for business owners.

"This type of heavy hand of government, to say that we know better than the people that actually own these businesses, is the reason why past administrations New Jersey has become less and less affordable," he said.

Christie added: "This measure is a complete pander to folks who are uniformed because they neither receive the minimum wage or pay it."

At this point, Christie isn't even pretending to be looking out for the little guy, he's straight up caping for business owners.

New Jersey has become "less and less affordable" because the cost of living has gone up but wages haven't. Wages haven't gone up because of men like Governor Christie standing in the way of progress.

To tell people struggling to get by that they're "uninformed" for wanting higher wages is a giant fuck you to the working poor; people who both receive the minimum wage and pay for it every single day.