Super Stupid

Chris Christie Will Have a Much Better Relationship With a Dead Person

Written by SK Ashby

I did not watch last night's GOP primary debate, but from what I've gathered Chris Christie said a lot terrible, wrong, stupid shit.

That could be said about every single candidate, of course, but Christie reserved most of his bluster for President Obama while other candidates directed their attacks at each other.

Christie said many preposterous things about the president during the debate, but this may be the most unintentionally funny thing he said.

When I stand across from King Hussein of Jordan, I say to him you have a friend sir who will stand with you to fight this fight,” Christie said during Tuesday's Republican primary debate, making the case that the president is not trusted by the leaders of Jordan and Saudi Arabia because of the nuclear deal with Iran.

Chris Christie will never have the chance to prove that he can foster a better relationship with King Hussein than President Obama can because Christie will never be president and -- not to bury the lede -- because King Hussein died 16 years ago in 1999.

Christie probably thought this would be quite a zinger. I suppose it is, just not in the way he intended.