Stupid Party

Chris McDaniel Continues His Witch Hunt for Black Voters

The clown show in Mississippi shows no signs of abating as Chris McDaniel and his supporters continue their witch hunt for black voters who (in their mind) don’t belong.

Noel Fritsch, McDaniel’s press secretary, told the conservative Daily Caller in a report published on Monday that McDaniel’s campaign and his supporters had already found 1,500 invalid votes in Hinds County (which went for Cochran, who McDaniel challenged, in both the initial primary and the runoff). McDaniel supporters claimed that they can force a new runoff if they prove that a significant amount of the votes that separated Cochran and McDaniel were invalid.

The problem for McDaniel and Company is that, regardless of the number of supposedly invalid votes they find, there is no recount provision in Mississippi law.

In other words, the McDaniel campaign is going to spend a great deal of time telling black voters that their votes are invalid and, in the end, they won’t have anything to show for it.

It couldn’t happen to a better party.