Chris Christie Ethics

Christie Under Federal Investigation


Not for the frivolous bridge closure, but for possibly misusing Hurricane Sandy Relief funds to pay for ads featuring himself.

At issue is not merely using relief funds to promote a tourism campaign, which was approved, but using those funds with the intent of featuring himself in that campaign.

TRENTON — The “Stronger Than The Storm” TV commercials starring Gov. Chris Christie and his family are providing a near $5 million windfall of taxpayer dollars for a politically active public relations agency, more than $2 million higher than what the runner-up firm planned to charge. [...]

The two bidders had different views on how the campaign should be run. MWW proposed putting Christie in the ads. The other bidder, a team headed by the Sigma Group, did not. MWW won the contract.

A coincidence?

If it were anyone else, maybe, but considering what we know about Chris Christie, I’m sure he felt it was either his right to do this or that he would get away with it.

He may still get away with it, but his image may be irrevocably tarnished following recent events.

I’d like to see Rand Paul or some other congressional relief troll pledge to get to the bottom of this misuse of taxpayer money for political purposes, but I won’t hold my breath.