The Six (or More) Degrees of Clean Coal

Interesting story about the LearnAboutCoal.com website and their use of children in their propaganda here. Some time ago, I compiled a brief rundown of the relationship between the Republicans, "clean coal" and NBC News. Here it is again from March 12, 2006:

The Six (or more) Degrees Of Coal: George Allen mentioned Clean Coal on Meet the Press today. Meet the Press sold advertising time to LearnAboutCoal.org, a Clean Coal PR front. The "non-profit" and "non-partisan" Learn About Coal organization's website domain name is registered to CEED, the Center for Energy and Economic Development. CEED's vice chairman is Michael Ward. Michael Ward is the chairman and CEO of the CSX Corporation. Guess who used to be the chairman and CEO of CSX? [Former] Treasury Secretary John Snow. Who was the chairman of CSX/Sea-Land under Snow? David Sanborn. In January of this year, David Sanborn was nominated by President Bush as the next Administrator of the Maritime Administration (Dept. of Transportation). Who does Sanborn work for right at this very minute? Dubai Ports World, which acquired CSX's ports for $1.15 billion in 2004. And finally, who introduced David Sanborn's nomination in the Senate? Senator George Allen.