War On Women

Clearly Concerned About Women

As Bob pointed out earlier, Mitt Romney's pledge to eliminate the Department of Public Housing and Urban Development to a group of wealthy donors in Florida yesterday would disproportionately effect minorities, however another group of Americans it would effect in great numbers is single mothers.

Furthermore, according to the National Poverty Center, the elimination of public housing actually decreases the chances that a recipient will find a new job. Something Mitt Romney really wants them to do.

in 2008, 20.3 percent of all low-income single mothers and 20.8% of all disconnected mothers received public housing or housing subsidies (Loprest & Nichols, 2011). As noted below, however, these studies do not distinguish between receipt of public housing and tenant-based housing subsidies.

Researchers examining the nexus between welfare reform and publicly assisted housing have focused, for the most part, on the effect that housing assistance might have on welfare
recipients’ abilities to secure employment and increase their incomes while reducing their reliance on public assistance. They have sought to understand whether the existence of housing assistance serves as an incentive or a disincentive to work. Findings on the short-term effects of housing assistance on employment have been mixed, and have tended not to distinguish between types of housing assistance (Olsen, Tyler, King & Carrillo, 2005). A 2003 HUD study of Connecticut and Minnesota (Verma, Riccio, & Azurdia, 2003) suggested that welfare recipients who received housing assistance had better outcomes in terms of employment and earnings than those who did not.

It seems obvious that someone with a home would have an easier time finding a job than someone who is homeless, but that doesn't matter to Mitt Romney who will serve you a platitude as soon as you take a number.

Romney, who in one breath says single mothers on welfare should be required to work, and in the next breath says we should eliminate welfare, is clearly concerned about women in America.

And by "clearly" I mean "not at all." That is unless you're rich and white.