Democratic Party

Cletus The Slack-Jawed Candidate

President Clinton:

"That's the kind of thing those people that aren't for us say. You know, they think we're dumber'n we are. I know, cuz I grew up in a place like this, and I figured out that people are just as smart here as anywhere else. But they ain't figured it out yet."

Dyuck-yuck-yuck. Duhhhh.


And have you noticed Senator Clinton's southern drawl lately? So embarrassing. Watch this video -- timecode 34 seconds:

"...Which is whut ah thank we'd git with Senter McCayun!"

I exaggerrated the transcript, but it's there. She's clearly putting on a southern accent down there. So she's from Scranton, New York, Chicago, Arkansas and North Carolahhhna.

Bonus awful... Have you noticed the Bush-style slogan backgrounds? Ugh.